Monday, June 14, 2010

Late Night on an Empty Brain With Nothing to Do...

Well, memorizing all those lines and songs over the past two weeks has really messed up my sleeping, as you can tell, I'm up, it's later than I normally stay awake, and I've got Hairspray songs coming out my ears...ugh! "I Can Hear the Bells" and "The Big Doll House" just keep playing thru my head like they're on "repeat"... :( It's really starting to bug me! :P

On the other hand, I'm still thrilled at being in two productions at once. Being one of the leading ladies in one, and a chorus member in the other (and the understudy for a main character) isn't half bad...just grueling!! In spite of the fact that I'm excited, I can't wait for this play to be over with so I can go back to singing and being sore after dance rehearsals...did I mention I'm in pain right now from Q's newest dance moves for "You Can't Stop the Beat"? My legs are killing me, and I KNOW I threw my shoulder out...but boy was it fun! ;)

Lol, my brain's fried for tonight, so I'll leave whomever actually reads this alone now and head off to bed...sleep sounds sooo good...'night! :)

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