Saturday, June 19, 2010

Puppy Poo, Puppy Pee, Puppy Teething...Ugh! :(

The puppy is teething...oiy! Slime, slobber and drool have been served up constantly over the past few days...and boy is it gross! :P Now, to be honest, our previous dog was (one hundred and sixty pounds, over six feet long, three inch white fur with a double coat, and almost always with a fu-manchu) way more drooly than the cute little (comparatively, his dad is one hundred pounds and his mom ninety-five) golden retriever who barely has any saliva...however, it still grosses me out!

Anywho, after three hours of singing and two hours of sixties dancing, I am completely whipped...sleep sounds sooooo good :) BUT I'm still stuck watching the cute (allegedly) little (not for long) puppy in the living room...ugh!

Cheaper by the Dozen tech rehearsal tomorrow from 2-4:30pm and Hairspray rehearsal I come! :) I have the ugliest 1920's costumes our producer could find for someone my size...and they ARE an eyesore...ick! Maybe I'll post pictures one day so you can see and laugh at my pain... ;)

"Night all! :)

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