Sunday, January 26, 2014

Three years...

So, it's been a few years since I last wrote (wowza!), and life has changed a LOT.

Three years, 20 pounds (unintentionally!) skinnier through making healthier lifestyle choices.

Three years, less acne, more confidence in who God created me to be; that He is making me beautiful.

Three years, more friends than this introvert knows what to do with.

Three years, so much useless knowledge from school, so much wisdom gained from my Father!

Three years, still no guy in the picture, but confident God is making me ready to be a godly wife, a strong partner, and a good mother.

Three years, my sin is still real, and His forgiveness still covers it.

Three years, one C, 3 B's, mixture of A/-A for the gal who though she'd failed college the first day. GPA: 3.65. Booyah.

Three years, and school has permanently fried my brain. And uprooted any semblance of remaining logic.

Three years, still an amazing family who loves me unconditionally, continually reminding me of how unconditional love with God is.

Three years, soooo many movies!

Three years, and many, many, MANY books begun & finished in spite of school! Woot woot!

Three years, a wardrobe I only have to clean once a month...because I have that many 50 cent clothes from the local thrift shop.

Three years, and I might be going to Berlin.

Three years, and I might be graduating a semester earlier than I thought.

Three years, and I don't know what I'll do without the busyness of school.

Three years, only approximately 11 more classes, 36 more papers, 44 more weeks of school, 528 more hours of class, 2200 more hours of homework, and each day walking with God, ahead of me.

Three years, and I am still a work in progress.

Three years, and God has transformed me into someone I don't recognize.

Three years, and I am alive.

Three years, and He holds my future.

Three years, and I'm still breathing.

Three years more?

Bring it.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Montgomery Clift...the Magnificent.

Montgomery Clift...why?
Because he's just that great.
He inspires and motivates
Brings tears and laughter.
Montgomery Clift...why?
Because he tears you apart
And puts you back together,
Like only a Great can do.
Montgomery Clift...why?
Because he is unique.
Unlike any other; a Star.
One of the few, the Magnificent.

Montgomery Clift...why?
The proud, the beautiful,
The profane. Perfectly
Combined in one lonely shell.
Montgomery Clift...why?
Because you were too
Big for this earth to contain.
And you couldn't bear it.
Montgomery Clift...why?
Because you were applauded
But not loved. And you,
You wanted nothing more.
Montgomery Clift...why?
Because the good die young;
And you didn't want to be
Any different.
Montgomery Clift. That's why.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Watching A Movie With the Mater & Pater... 8|

Okay, so I'm watching "Interview With the Vampire" starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt when the first "risque" scene comes up...aaaand my mom and dad are sitting RIGHT THERE. :| Yeah...can we say "AWKWARD MOMENT?!" at the top of our lungs?! Well, they both kept their eyes front and center and I found that it was time to take the dirty cups back to the kitchen...ahem.
Yeah. Anyone else had an episode like that? Ugh.
Now, I really like this movie, but it kinda made me think, even though I enjoy watching movies and stuff, is it really all that worth it? Or could my time be spent on more worth while things? Things that are more, idk, productive...?
So, I've decided to spend less time watching TV and more time reading and studying...and eating. :)
My idea over the next month or so is to get into a good schedule: i.e. exercising, reading, studying, learning, helping others, and trying to find a job.
To start with, I've begun doing Tony Horton's Power90, and, I have to say, I'm lovin' it! :D You need to realize that it is a BIG step for this girl to say that. I hate sweating, but I love exercising...yeah, I know, I know, "YOU'RE WEIRD!" is what you're screaming at the computer. And yes, I am. Thanks for pointing it out, again. :P
Yes, I hate sweating. I don't like feeling sticky and slimy. It goes against the grain. I like feeling clean and neat...well, for about half an hour, I don't feel clean anymore, but I DO feel good!
I realized how out of shape I was getting, but I didn't have the motivation to get off the couch, let alone press play...well, God knew what I needed! About a week ago I was on Facebook and happened to see something one of my friends (let's call him "L") posted on his pastor's blog. Apparently, our pastor friend had started working out to get healthier, and L was encouraging him to stick with it. L mentioned how he and his roommate at college were doing BeachBody's "Insanity" workout together every day, and he's already lost 16lbs!
Well, when I read that, I realized that this guy that I knew was going to come back from college fairly hunky, and I didn't want to look like a lumpy white potato standing next to him! Hence, I have now started on my goal of getting through BeachBody's P90. I took it rather easy the first couple of days, but now I'm all in!
Wish me luck as I rebuild my body, gain confidence, and start living a healthier lifestyle!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

History Geek? I Think YES!!

Okay, so lately I've had some extra time on my hands so I figured "What the heck, I'm gonna do some fun reading!" Haha, idea of fun reading is to sit down with a book over six hundred pages long and just, well, READ. Yeah, I know. Geek. Darn right I am! Lol, and to compound it all, History is my favorite reading material! Yeah, I know what you're thinking now. MAJOR geek. AND you're TOTALLY right, I'm proud of it!

My latest discovery is "A Patriot's History of the United States" by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen. It's about 829 pages long with an added 70 pages of fine print notes, and an Index of 30 MORE pages...and guess what? I'll probably read through all the notes. Yeah, I do that too. See, I'm kinda CDO (a.k.a. OCD), so whenever I see one of those little numbers in the text, I have to turn to the back to find out what it says. And I can't help it! It's like an automatic reaction. I've gotten to the point where I keep my right hand in the notes and flip back and forth between reading the text and reading the notes. Sad really...Unfortunately, (well, it kinda depends on your perspective...) this book has a LOT of notes. A rough estimate seems to be 80 to 100 notes per chapter, and a little over 2 or 3 notes a paragraph. Oiy. :| But I'll get through it, you can bet on that!

Actually, it's been a really good read so far. Most of the time I find history text to be very biased one way or t'other, but this seems to be fairly in the center. I've heard some very, very far left liberals say that it's extremely conservative and capitalistic, but I have to say, (now please remember, this is just my off hand opinion and you should still get a hold of the book and read it for yourself. Plus I am only 1/6 of the way through the book!) that I have found it to be accurate and only slightly, very slightly, to the right of center so far. I do like to research whatever I read, and I do not take most things at face value, so I hope I'm unbiased and informed enough to review it properly. :) But, what the heck, read it and find out for yourself!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Puppy Poo, Puppy Pee, Puppy Teething...Ugh! :(

The puppy is teething...oiy! Slime, slobber and drool have been served up constantly over the past few days...and boy is it gross! :P Now, to be honest, our previous dog was (one hundred and sixty pounds, over six feet long, three inch white fur with a double coat, and almost always with a fu-manchu) way more drooly than the cute little (comparatively, his dad is one hundred pounds and his mom ninety-five) golden retriever who barely has any saliva...however, it still grosses me out!

Anywho, after three hours of singing and two hours of sixties dancing, I am completely whipped...sleep sounds sooooo good :) BUT I'm still stuck watching the cute (allegedly) little (not for long) puppy in the living room...ugh!

Cheaper by the Dozen tech rehearsal tomorrow from 2-4:30pm and Hairspray rehearsal I come! :) I have the ugliest 1920's costumes our producer could find for someone my size...and they ARE an eyesore...ick! Maybe I'll post pictures one day so you can see and laugh at my pain... ;)

"Night all! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Late Night on an Empty Brain With Nothing to Do...

Well, memorizing all those lines and songs over the past two weeks has really messed up my sleeping, as you can tell, I'm up, it's later than I normally stay awake, and I've got Hairspray songs coming out my ears...ugh! "I Can Hear the Bells" and "The Big Doll House" just keep playing thru my head like they're on "repeat"... :( It's really starting to bug me! :P

On the other hand, I'm still thrilled at being in two productions at once. Being one of the leading ladies in one, and a chorus member in the other (and the understudy for a main character) isn't half bad...just grueling!! In spite of the fact that I'm excited, I can't wait for this play to be over with so I can go back to singing and being sore after dance rehearsals...did I mention I'm in pain right now from Q's newest dance moves for "You Can't Stop the Beat"? My legs are killing me, and I KNOW I threw my shoulder out...but boy was it fun! ;)

Lol, my brain's fried for tonight, so I'll leave whomever actually reads this alone now and head off to bed...sleep sounds sooo good...'night! :)