Sunday, January 26, 2014

Three years...

So, it's been a few years since I last wrote (wowza!), and life has changed a LOT.

Three years, 20 pounds (unintentionally!) skinnier through making healthier lifestyle choices.

Three years, less acne, more confidence in who God created me to be; that He is making me beautiful.

Three years, more friends than this introvert knows what to do with.

Three years, so much useless knowledge from school, so much wisdom gained from my Father!

Three years, still no guy in the picture, but confident God is making me ready to be a godly wife, a strong partner, and a good mother.

Three years, my sin is still real, and His forgiveness still covers it.

Three years, one C, 3 B's, mixture of A/-A for the gal who though she'd failed college the first day. GPA: 3.65. Booyah.

Three years, and school has permanently fried my brain. And uprooted any semblance of remaining logic.

Three years, still an amazing family who loves me unconditionally, continually reminding me of how unconditional love with God is.

Three years, soooo many movies!

Three years, and many, many, MANY books begun & finished in spite of school! Woot woot!

Three years, a wardrobe I only have to clean once a month...because I have that many 50 cent clothes from the local thrift shop.

Three years, and I might be going to Berlin.

Three years, and I might be graduating a semester earlier than I thought.

Three years, and I don't know what I'll do without the busyness of school.

Three years, only approximately 11 more classes, 36 more papers, 44 more weeks of school, 528 more hours of class, 2200 more hours of homework, and each day walking with God, ahead of me.

Three years, and I am still a work in progress.

Three years, and God has transformed me into someone I don't recognize.

Three years, and I am alive.

Three years, and He holds my future.

Three years, and I'm still breathing.

Three years more?

Bring it.