Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Common Complaint of Every Girl Who's Waiting For the Right Guy...My Own Special Little Rant In a Moment of Depression

Have you ever had that feeling like your life wasn't your own? Going onward in a way you couldn't control? That's the feeling present at this moment...I'd just like to curl up with Austen and cry...why aren't there real-life gentlemen anymore? Why do people judge on dress size and not heart size? There's a big difference, and we'd all be better off looking at the latter for the true character of the person in the fragile outer shell...

Would it kill a nice, sincere, kind, caring, loving, sweet, friendly guy to not go out with the obvious choice and instead go for the girl with the bigger heart? Maybe they'd stop getting their hearts broken and their dreams crushed too...What do you think?

I know so many nice, truly good guys who pick the wrong girls all the time, not necessarily bad girls, just wrong for them. They just seem to keep getting drawn in and going back for more with each broken, heart-rending relationship they put themselves and some other girl'd think after so long they'd wake up and realize the problem and deal, but it really doesn't seem to happen...

I decided long ago that I was going to keep my heart from men until God told me "that's the right one, he's not going to trample you, use you, then drop you. No, he's going to see you thru My eyes, and he's going to love you for who you are. He'll be your best friend thru the years, love you, hold you, laugh with you, and cry...And when you're old and gray, he'll hold your hand, tell you that life by your side was better than anything he'd ever dreamed it would be, and neither one of you will regret waiting to give yourself away..."

The problem? I thought I knew what was right, but I was wrong. I got into a relationship and gave someone a little bit of my heart, not a lot, but just enough to get both of us hurt over the long run. I regret it, but thru it God has shown me that waiting for the right person might mean many things...but in the end I'll be stronger, and better for it.

Lol, that pep talk helped me remember why I'm waiting, why I'm holding on to a hope for the future...guess I'll just have to keep plugging away at it! :)

Do any of you ever feel like this sometimes? Just wondering...

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  1. sometimes its better not to think about that ,let it happen

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